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Istvan Siposs Yahoo! Store Developer

My name is Istvan Siposs. I've been a computer consultant since 1990, initially specializing in C and C++ programming, and later adding Borland Paradox, then Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL database programming to my repertoire. Since 2001, I've been a full time Yahoo! Store developer.

In the early nineties, I started building web sites, first of course only in HTML, but soon I learnt client-side scripting (Microsoft VBScript, and JavaScript), as well as server-side scripting languages, ASP and PHP. For a number of years my main specialty was creating interactive web applications usually including heavy-duty database back-end support. I have built full-blown auction-type web sites, complete shopping sites (writing code for the shopping card, credit card processing, and email management, as well as back-end and statistical functions.)

In 1999 - while looking for a solution to start selling a client's products online ( - I came across Yahoo! Store, which was advertised as a shopping solution that can enable a merchant to go online in a matter of minutes. It turned out to be mostly true; however I soon found out that to get the most out of the Yahoo! Store (now Yahoo! Merchant Solutions) platform, I had to learn the programming language Yahoo! Store is based on: RTML. The problem at the time was, that there was no documentation on RTML besides a list of the commands, and Yahoo! provided no support or assistance with the language. So I took it up on myself to learn the language through trial and error, and built a very successful store for NoteWorthy. This store still operates on Yahoo! at

After having figured out RTML, I started to get more and more new clients on Yahoo! Store, and by 2001, building Yahoo! Stores became my full-time business. I then compiled my RTML knowledge into a handbook, "RTML 101: The unofficial guide to Yahoo! Store templates". As the first (and to date only) manual on RTML, the book became a "must have" for anyone interested in learning Yahoo! Store's RTML and working with or building custom Yahoo! Stores. A number of other books on the same subject followed with the latest addition, "Yahoo! Store Tips and Tricks" jointly authored by myself and Michael Whitaker of

In 2002, Michael and I started holding seminars to those interested in learning RTML and running a successful Yahoo! Store business.

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