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Istvan Siposs Computer Consultant

International Buying Service
From 9/95 to 1/00. The company is an importer of furniture accessories. I have rewritten an extensive Paradox database to Microsoft Access™. Completed a major multimedia addition to the system (pictures, video, sound) where digital images of products are used to create a multimedia catalog on video tapes. [more info...]
Family Home Companions Of California, LLC
From 2/93 to 2000. The company provides health care services to home-bound older adults. My major involvement is in the development of a client/attendant database, training employees to use the system, writing user documentation, and troubleshooting user problems. The database was originally written in Borland Paradox 4.5 for DOS but has later been converted to Windows 95/MS Access 8.0 The conversion was also my task. [more info...]
NoteWorthy Investments, Inc.
From 1/91 to present. The company is a buyer and seller of discounted notes and mortgages, publisher of a financial newsletter and offers training seminars to mortgage industry professionals. Developed three commercial applications with an installed base of some 2500 copies. Providing help desk support to end users. Developed and maintain an extensive client, inventory, and order management database system written in MS Access 8.0. I also developed the company's web site. Also for NoteWorthy, I developed an interactive database of institutional note buyers called Note Buyer Direct Connect. This database is now being converted into a web-based information system.
Forte Systems, Inc.
From 4/99 to present. Working as a sub-contractor on a Visual Basic/SQL Server project for Professional Resource Screening, Inc. Developing an in-house web application that allows the company's clients to interactively follow the status of their orders and submit new orders over the web. Also working on converting the company's existing FoxPro-based information management system into an MS-SQL-based Intranet using Visual Basic, MTS, XML/XSL, and Active Server Pages.
Pacific Bell Regulatory
From 6/00 to 3/01. Developed a Microsoft Access database to track and analyze the votes of the California Public Utilities Commission.
Dr. Nancy Mavis, MD.
From 1/91 to present. Developed and maintain a patient and medication management system. Provide on-going help desk services with Dr. Mavis' system
US Army Corps of Engineers
From 2/95 to 7/95. Worked as a Computer Specialist at the Information Management Department of the San Francisco District. Installed and troubleshooted computer systems and Banyan LAN.

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